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Having grown up in the working class, Nicholas uses songwriting as both catharsis and self-discovery. He believes "that there is an ideal, honest way to live and through the writing process, I'll be able to find it".

With the release of his new EP "The Greatest Enemy”, Nicholas looks set to get back on the road and reconnect with audiences. To him, rediscovering that connection between audience and performer is "the best feeling on earth and I want to keep chasing it".

I Have Damned Every Moment Over



I wait my turn to sink into you
You’re warm and you’re soft
In the gloom
No one can find us, no one can judge us
Here love finds its doom

Living for nothing but too scared to die
Maybe I’ll find something to pass the time
You’ll never see me, you’ll never reach me
So why is your painting all blue?


Our Love Has Grown So Cold

What am I doing? 
What are we doing here? 
What am I saying? 
It’s all too cliché to you

I’m sorry I’m not smart
I can’t piece together the right words to make you feel better
I’m sorry that you feel
That I’m using you, that I’ll throw you away once I feel better

I can
Touch your skin
Touch you deep within
But I’ll never touch your soul
Our love has grown
Our love has grown so cold

What are you doing? 
What are you doing to me? 
What are you saying? 
I hear but I don’t believe

I’m sorry that I can’t
Convince you otherwise to make you feel better
I’m sorry that you feel
I’m wasting my time but I’ve never felt better

No Love
So Cold

Feel your
Hands on my back
Your breath on my neck
But I’ll never touch your soul
Our love has grown
Our love has grown so cold


Leave Me With A Fever

Who am I after? 
Who am I, Mother? You? 
Shouldn’t I suffer? 
Tonight there’s no other, ‘cept you
Leave me with a fever

Forgive me father
Take care of mother, will you? 
I love you brother
I’ll see you under the moon
Make me a believer

My heart, my soul, my mind is in you
I’ve got control but I’m blinded by you
Leave me if you’re not staying
Leave me ‘cos you’re just playing
I’m not blind but I like to play the fool

So leave me
Leave me
Leave me with a fever


I'm Not Jesus

Take your hands off me now
Lying to me with your fingertips
That sweet voice carries poison
Sugar coating your malice

Lie liar lie
Stab cut me deeper
Lie liar lie
Stab cut me deeper
You’re not as pure as you’re made out to be

Use your lips find another
Use your eyes and damn a fool
Turn around spread your rumours
That your thighs are the gates to heaven

I heard you the first time
Go ahead let me go
This won’t be the first time
you said something so low
I told you many times I’m not your Jesus


One Day (I'll Be Happy)

Someday I’ll be happy
Just like someday we’ll be married
And doves will come descending
As if God did exist, exist

One day you’ll leave me
As sure as the sea
Illusions will fade, truth remains
As if God did exist, exist

Halle, Hallelujah

One day I’ll be happy
For one day I’ll hope
Come on be just, so I can trust
That God still exists, exists



Your bed is soft
Your bed is cold
You were pure
The purest gold
Don’t talk, don’t move

Years gone by
No one compares
You were plain
Hated the smell of your hair
Don’t listen, don’t go

For we’re not afraid
For we’re not ashamed
For we’re not hiding behind sheets
Hiding behind sheets


I Loved Him

Yesterday you, you weren’t shy
Yesterday you made, you made up your mind
There goes, there goes my heart

I’m caving in, I’m caving in to
To please your command
I’m giving up, I’m giving up to
To swallow your plan
There goes, there goes my heart

Turning back, turning back
I was a fool
Though you’re a man, though you’re a man
I loved you
No woman, no one can be
as good as you
Though you’re a man, though you’re a man
I loved you


Don't Cry

“I pray that you keep this and remember me” 
I meant every word
But I’m leaving you so
I can’t get hurt anymore

And I can’t let you go
And I can’t let you know
You’re hurting me but you tell me, “Don’t lie” 
You’re holding me and you tell me , “Don’t cry” 
“Don’t cry” 

We know this is wrong but yet we hold on
Our minds cannot believe us
Waking from the dream is hard
But I’m telling you I won’t
Be the fool anymore

And I should let you go
And you already know
I’m trying hard when I say, “I don’t lie” 
I’m holding back when I say, “I don’t cry”


Dear Clare

If it was only me and you
but we both know it would never come true
this pain makes you beautiful
this fear keeps us alive

I only want to be with you
I only want to be with you
but i’m gonna let it slide let it slide let it slide

In the darkest hearts
In this pain I enjoy
Feasting upon our sorrow
cos’ i don’t see tomorrow
Our heads tilt just nicely
but its no use in this world
one last caress before you’re only a memory in my head

In my head

You can paint beautiful things
i’ll play my guitar and sing
we’ll tell ourselves we’re fighting for a cause
art and beauty for the lost

No use dreaming (in my head) 
No use loving (in my head)


In The Middle of Nowhere

Tempest calm your storm
So my boat can go back to shore
Your wind and your waves
hold no comfort for me
hold no comfort for me

In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of you
In the corner of your mind
In the corner of you

Soul opens wide
I have found my meaning
Time has not been kind
I am left here yearning for you
Left here yearning for you

I’m nowhere with you
I’m no one to you