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Having grown up in the working class, Nicholas uses songwriting as both catharsis and self-discovery. He believes "that there is an ideal, honest way to live and through the writing process, I'll be able to find it".

With the release of his new EP "The Greatest Enemy”, Nicholas looks set to get back on the road and reconnect with audiences. To him, rediscovering that connection between audience and performer is "the best feeling on earth and I want to keep chasing it".

What I Wish

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is already coming to a close. Where did all that time go? The end of the year tends to make me feel nostalgic and stirring with wishes, with hope.  

This year, one wish that often surfaces to my consciousness’ front is: I wish that Singapore was bigger. Not bigger in size, but bigger in heart.

Big enough so that people would:

not be discriminated for leading different lives.

actually have a healthy work-life balance.

own a home without it costing their lives to do so.

still have a desire to explore and discover more music they can genuinely identify with. 

focus on becoming rich in their hearts first, not their pockets.

Not bigger in size, but bigger in heart

be proud whenever one of their own succeeds, not only when it’s cool and trending to do so.

hold on to their dreams and work hard to make them come true.

be more patient with and willingly help others in need. 

stop complaining and instead, actively take steps to realise the future they envision. 

be able to say they lead a fulfilling life they’re proud of, filled with people they love.

I don’t think this version of Singapore is impossible. We all need hope to make us get up in the morning. So don’t give up! Let’s take that one more step, live that one more day with purpose because just maybe, better is coming tomorrow. 

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