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Having grown up in the working class, Nicholas uses songwriting as both catharsis and self-discovery. He believes "that there is an ideal, honest way to live and through the writing process, I'll be able to find it".

With the release of his new EP "The Greatest Enemy”, Nicholas looks set to get back on the road and reconnect with audiences. To him, rediscovering that connection between audience and performer is "the best feeling on earth and I want to keep chasing it".

Birthday Month Sale!

Hi readers, I’d like to announce that I’m running a sale for the first time! For the entire month of February, simply use the promo code “TERRIBLELUCK” during checkout to get 50% off for any item in the store

I count myself so lucky to have had people and retailers support my passion all these years. I did a long overdue stock take recently. I can’t believe I have actually moved more than 700 units of Forgiefan and 400 of I Have Damned Every Moment Over! In the quieter months between tours, you are the very reason why I can keep going a little more. Unfortunately in the early days, duplication companies insisted on a minimum of 1000 copies per order, so I have more than a few left to go. All this merchandise sitting at home needs to move on so that new ones (did someone say T shirt?) can take their place.

With streaming being how most people consume music now, it’s understandable that CD sales have dropped. Most laptops don’t even come with a CD drive anymore! So if you do buy a CD, I’ll be glad to send you the digital tracks. All you need to do is leave your email address in the input field that pops up as you click “Add to Cart”, and I’ll send them to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, I won’t misuse your contact information. Feel free to read my privacy policy

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 10.02.25 AM.png

I’m pretty certain that I won’t make a second printing of these CDs so if you’re a collector of sorts, this could be your chance =) Who knows, maybe CDs will see a revival in the future just like vinyl? Besides the CDs, there are tote bags, digital downloads and bundle deals too. Naturally, these sales will help bolster current efforts in raising funds to produce my next full length “Terrible Luck”.

Honestly, it’s scary to run a sale. My mind immediately recalls all the cheesy influencer posts in Instagram. With newsfeeds now being so saturated, the biggest obstacle might even be making people aware! No one likes experiencing rejection, but I know that I need to learn from such experiences, not shy away from them. If I didn’t even try, things would simply stay the same. So why not at least give it a shot and hope it works!

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