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Having grown up in the working class, Nicholas uses songwriting as both catharsis and self-discovery. He believes "that there is an ideal, honest way to live and through the writing process, I'll be able to find it".

With the release of his new EP "The Greatest Enemy”, Nicholas looks set to get back on the road and reconnect with audiences. To him, rediscovering that connection between audience and performer is "the best feeling on earth and I want to keep chasing it".

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German Artistes You Should Check Out

When people think of Germany, what often comes to mind is beer, sausages and football. But there’s so much more to the country than that. With cover bands being the minority here unlike Singapore, the numerous music venues littered across Germany together form not only a fulfilling circuit for overseas acts to tour, but also opportunities for a whole slew of local indie acts to organically grow their fan bases.

Though I’m sure that I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface, here are some of the amazing German acts I’ve discovered through my travels and Spotify:

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